Fur coats, veils, boleros

It is known that most couples prefer to get married in summer or autumn, when the sun is still shining brightly and the weather is warm. And this is the right decision, since there are a lot of advantages. For example, you can, with no worries, choose any country for your honeymoon, not worrying that the island of your dreams will turn out to be cool. And the photos and videos will turn out just gorgeous. Summer photos are full of greenery, look joyful, and in autumn they are filled with amazing leafy goldenness.


At the same time, quite a lot of couples are fond of a cool snowy winter. Some, for example, are not averse to arranging a baptismal wedding, and plunge right into the wedding suit. There are those young people who have to get married at a period that is not the most convenient for them, due to circumstances.

To make the festivities successful, regardless of weather conditions, Tatsi offers wonderful and unique wedding coats that complement the bride's outfit in an original way. This accessory is designed not only to protect against bad weather, but also betrays the charm and grandeur of its owner. You have the opportunity to be a real queen of the ball, and high collar, beads and charming fur will help you with this.

In addition, the winter season also gives an advantage for a wedding. During this period, most tropical islands have just perfect weather, no rainy seasons or storms. Therefore, tanning and relax will be just wonderful.

In the Tatsi range there are a variety of options for wedding coats, differing in cut, length and color. At the same time, we offer the most affordable prices. When choosing a fur coat, remember that it should be in harmony with the overall wedding ensemble.

The fur coat will be useful to you for other solemn events, it is a practical thing that shall be in the wardrobe of a stylish modern lady.

The next important element of the wedding attire is a veil. On the one hand, it is a symbol of innocence, on the other hand, it is a stylish accessory for a lady's dress. They also say that it protects from the evil thoughts of envious people.

In ancient Rome, it was customary to wear a red veil for a wedding, and in ancient Greece – yellow, and toe-length. In those days, non-translucent fabric was used for sewing a veil, so the bride's face was hidden from the groom. And only a few centuries ago, veils began to be made from thinner, transparent and expensive fabrics (silk, tulle, net lace).

Today, the veil is also assigned with protective properties: it is forbidden to transfer or sell it. Since the custom requires covering the girl's head, the veil is an obligatory item that shall be purchased second after the dress. It should match the color of the entire outfit, and be made in the same style. Therefore, a veil is usually bought immediately, along with a dress, in one store or ordered from one designer.

In the Tatsi factory-atelier there are the most amazing veils, differing in length, decoration and fabric. Not a single lady will remain indifferent to them. You will definitely like our veils.

And wedding salons have the opportunity to buy veils in bulk.

Another important accessory for a wedding dress is a bolero. The most eminent designers will still not come to a consensus as to when exactly such a wardrobe element as a bolero appeared, and to what gender it belongs. It is generally accepted that the first boleros appeared in Spain. And they were worn not by beautiful ladies, but by brave bullfighters. The length of this thing reached the waist, and there were no sleeves. For its decoration, it was embroidered with golden threads. Boleros of that time had a kind of shoulder straps, decorations made of beads, shiny stones and all kinds of patterns.

After a certain time, boleros began to appear on women's shoulders. Its winter options were sewn from dense and warm materials, and summer ones, on the contrary, from thin and light ones.

Today, the bolero is more of a female wardrobe item that complements stylish outfits. There are different types of boleros: openwork, knitted, denim, natural fur. Bolero can complement various outfits (both dress and jeans). This is a kind of universal accessory.

In the range of many stores you will find ordinary boleros. However, a stylish wedding bolero can only be offered by Tatsi. Here you will find amazing, elegant boleros for wedding and evening dresses.

A wedding bolero is a great addition to the outfit, emphasizing not only a good figure, but also a stylish dress. The bolero will make the bride's shoulders more beautiful and elegant, give tenderness, lengthen the neck.

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