About us

Dear ladies! Make preparations for a wedding, anniversary or other joyful holiday? Congratulations!

We invite you to our factory-atelier. We produce irresistible, beautiful, elegant and stylish outfits for weddings, parties and other festive events. Employees of our company will show you all kinds of models of dresses that are popular with many ladies. Tatsi employs the best designers who pay attention to every detail. They create for you not only original outfits, but also truly exclusive models. We employ true professionals who have an individual approach to work on each dress, so you can create your own inimitable style.

The color and style of the outfits are selected in such a way as to favorably emphasize and complement the figure and facial features.

I would like to pay special attention to the immunity of Tatsi corsets to bending. We will do everything you ask (high quality tailoring, tail, ribbons, fabric painting, handmade embroidery, bows, etc.). The result will surely please you.

In our wedding dress lookbook you can get find all kinds of models, choose something for yourself or take as a basis for creating your own unique outfit.

Moreover, our company is engaged in cleaning, restoration and fitting of dresses. We work with all CIS countries, so residents of other cities should not be upset at all, it will not be difficult to order an outfit. Our products can be found on the site, and to place an order, you just need to indicate the number of the selected model and your size. By the phone numbers posted on the site, you will get free consultation on decoration, colors, styles and sizes.

And to simplify the choice of a suitable dress, you can study the table of approximate sizes:

Chest center8,899,59,89,81010,511

To get a perfectly tailored dress, you need to make all the necessary measurements as accurately as possible.

We will easily select all the desired accessories for you to create a truly unique and irresistible look (wedding veil and bolero). Do not be afraid of bad weather: the range always includes elegant wedding coats. In addition, we provide an opportunity to order stylish children’s and evening dresses.

Cooperation with wedding salons!

Tatsi is open to mutually beneficial cooperation with wedding salons. We provide wedding dresses in bulk on the most favorable terms. You will receive only high-quality tailoring dresses, only exclusive models created by our professionals. We have our own production of chic evening and wedding dresses, headed by an experienced and talented designer.

Tatsi factory-atelier uses advanced technologies and equipment, thanks to which our products are in no way inferior to the leading European brands. Only the highest quality materials are used for tailoring wedding and other dresses. And at the same time, our customers receive only affordable prices!

Our slogan is European quality at Ukrainian prices.

In addition, we have a professional photography service for marketing events.

The main condition that shall be observed when ordering a dress is an advance payment of 50%.

Such nuances as production and delivery terms are discussed individually. All of your requirements and wishes will be taken into account.

Ugly or capricious brides are a myth! The main thing is a good wedding dress! And we can easily prove it to you!